Video Analysis for Biometric Face Recognition

TFace-Recognition is a Biometric Artificial Intelligence based video analysis application for identifying or verifying uniquely a person, by comparing its facial features detected from digital images or video frames with faces within a database.

Integrable with the major cameras and VMS market leaders, TFace is flexible and modular for any application field and, if necessary, customizable by project for specific functional

Law Enforcement

- Identification of suspects, wanted criminals, shoplifters, missing persons.

- Screening of persons at borders, sensitive places or critical infrastructures.

- Forensic investigation

Access Control

- Automatic access management for restricted areas, buildings and facilities

- Identification of unauthorized, unknown or unwanted persons

- Device or process login

Business Intelligence

- Identification of VIP or loyal customers

- Customers’ dwell time

- Digital signage and tailored messages

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